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Social Media Marketing

Keeping your audiences #spellbound

One out of every five visitors to your website will come from Twitter or Facebook. You’ll be part of the 57% of companies who got new business through LinkedIn. And two out of every three people who follow your business will recommend it to friends, family and colleagues.

Are you social?

The magic about our social media service is that it’s less about magic and more about accurate targeting (the who), planning (the how) and effective management (the what).

Local & Global Audiences

We create strategies around the people who think like you do. Comprehensive research allows us to find out who they are, how to communicate with them and what they want to hear. Then we start telling the story of your business.

Expand your marketing initiative

Our social media strategies expand existing sales, marketing and customer service initiatives. Whether you’re running Boxing Day specials, launching a new TV & radio ad campaign or entertaining your customers with a Q&A, you’ll move closer to your goals with greater ease.

You’ll talk the talk

Enjoy more time doing the things you love, and let us manage your social media voice. We offer a range of cost-efficient packages which will lift the weight off your shoulders. You’ll reap the rewards of a successful strategy put into action that converts skeptics to followers, and followers to customers and friends.

Talk where your customers talk. Call us today on 0782874346, or send an email now!