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IT Support Services

We offer IT  services which include, Computer Repair Technician services which include developing unique troubleshooting techniques, executing high-quality repairs, and providing sound installation services to customers. Qualified to repair both Windows and Mac systems. Knowledgeable professional offering technical and practical guidance on how to prevent future problems and prolong product longevity.

Accept customer desktop and laptop systems on – site for repairs. Request information about software and hardware issues and document all concerns. Troubleshoot systems and work with customers to determine needed hardware or software changes. Break down systems, remove malfunctioning hardware, and install new parts. Check system software and data integrity. Perform all repairs with utmost concern for customer privacy. Resolve selected issues with smart phones and tablets.

IT Support Services Provided

  • Provide on-site computer repair services to small business and private customers.
  • Consult with customers regarding technological needs as well as technical problems.
  • Diagnose software issues, install updates or new software, and remove malicious programs.
  • Disassemble systems on-site to diagnose issues and make selected repairs.
  • Take systems off-site as needed for major repairs/rebuilds
  • Explain features to customers and offer advice on best-fit choices based on customer needs.


  • Troubleshooting
  • Hardware configuration
  • Software installation
  • Inventory management
  • System disassembly