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Online Marketing Services

We focus on online marketing services including marketing websites that look good, work well and load quickly. We’re constantly spying on Google and other major search engines to ensure that our search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies are up to date. This gets you out there, it gets you noticed. And when you come for a visit you’ll see that we’re always doing something unusual – it’s how we come up with social media & online marketing strategies that really work.

Glen Griffiths successfully completed the All-around SEO course!

In line with the Government Gazetted requirements from the Minister of telecommunications 23 March 2020 we are publishing the link the South African government’s portal

Our results may seem like magic, but it’s actually just hard work combined with an intimate knowledge of the internet. Most of it, anyway.


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Our Services


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Marketing Websites – Did you know?

  • A website is more affordable, more flexible and more effective than print advertising. It is available 24/7, offers convenience to existing clients, attracts potential clients, improves your credibility and promotes your real world business. So, do you have a website? Does it work?
  • Is your website on major search engines? Are you easy to find?Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) fuels brand awareness, increases the return on your investment, makes your online presence more cost-effective and helps you stay ahead of the competition.
  • Social networking puts you in front of your online customers and provides a platform for two-way digital conversation. You’ll find out what people are saying about you, how they perceive you and get inside information on your products and services. Are you in the spotlight? Can people reach you where they spend most of their time?